On our most recent trip in the Sierras, we arrived just as the snow started to melt. The pass usually opens in the middle of May but due to the heavy rains and snow this winter in California we ended up trying something different.

Out for a morning hunt, hubby was expecting to bring back a culinary delight from the wilderness. After a couple hours, he appeared out of the woods with a bulging bag.

Black Morel Wild Gourmet Mushrooms

Handfuls of Morels

I said “You got something? What did you get?

He said, ” I don’t know yet.”

Looking in the bag, I saw a pile of mushrooms. “Those are Morels!”.

Morel Mushroom

Mushroom identification with David Arora

I’ve heard about them, and seen them in the mushroom identification books, but never had an opportunity to try the eluding black morels.

Cooking morel mushrooms

Fried Morels over the open fire

He fried them up over the open fire and made a morel mushroom risotto. What a delectable treat! Talk about back country gourmet! Yum!