I’ve caught brim and bluegill all my life growing up in my home town lake and ponds on the east coast. It wasn’t until recently getting back into my loved sport that I finally landed the biggest bluegills I have ever seen. Something about the water out here. It’s not an incredibly big fish as far as fish goes, but it is an incredibly big blue gill. It was one hell of a fighter for its size. It was caught on a size 10 hook, no weight, and a piece of local live night crawler. It seems everything in the freshwater around here,¬†fast or slow water, loves these worms. This is one of the examples of the two beautiful bluegills I have caught in Los Padres waters. Bluegill is also one of the tastiest fish you could eat. It is a type of pan fish or sun fish, highly sought after. I do not trophy fish but I love eating trophies. What a beautiful specimen. Fry it up with a little salt and pepper and it’s good to go. Thanks for reading. – Scout