What We Do

We thrive on finding, sharing and preserving wild, beautiful places. We hike, we backpack, we fish, we surf, and we camp professionally. We offer fun and worry free outdoor adventures so you can be confident in venturing out on your own. We teach basic survival skills, inspire creativity, build confidence, and encourage responsible recreation on our precious wildlands.

Why We Do It

We started this charity because we saw a great need while working and living as campground hosts in the remote parts of Monterey County. Masses came to the outdoors to escape the 2020 crisis. With all the campgrounds full, thousands were pushed to into our National Forests without any of the usual amenities. As a result, many did not respect (or know) the Leave No Trace backcountry etiquette. As a result we saw our most pristine rivers polluted, dozens of unsafe campfires during the dry season, and forests littered like never before. We felt there was an important need for an introduction to nature, especially for those who may be uncertain, fearful, or clueless about where to begin. And we would like to help.


Michael Bertzfield | Wilderness Host & Guide

For me on life there see four “F’s” to freedom; flight, fishing, family, and fun! Welcome to my world, I’m a man’s man when it comes to outdoors, and a loving man with my family. I like art, cooking, birds, fishing, hiking, biking, travelling, life! Life is full of gadgets to fill in the lack of abilities, or just lack of confidence. I want to be a groundbreaker in bringing back the confidence in our human abilities, and a little bit of tool using too! The less you carry the farther you can go!

Belinda Jasmine-Bertzfield | Event Coordinator & Kid Wrangler

As a mother I have found that nature is the best entertainment for our three boys. They thrive when they are hopping rocks and climbing trees. By learning to “be” in nature, we gain both emotional and physical benefits through observation and appreciation. I am excited to engage the youngsters with discovery walks and nature inspired crafts. See you out there!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein