We are a traveling family, we haven’t always been, just doing what we want! Freedom from the 9 to 5 commuter is a common goal we have both strived for. Being a traveling family means compromise, we had to meet each other in the middle. We both have our shared and individual strengths and weaknesses. Learning to live with another human while striving for freedom from social pressures, has definitely been a obstacle we tackle everyday! Our main goal for this website is sharing our tips, tricks, and treasures we find in our daily adventures of living wherever the road takes us. Life is not always glitz and glam, but with the right attitude and a little local storytelling, the ride will never end!

About Scout

My name is Scout, Life Scout really, but people normally go with Scout. For me on life there see four “F’s” to freedom; flight, fishing, family, and farting…err, fun! Welcome to my world, I’m a man’s man when it comes to outdoors, and a loving man with my family. They see all my sides, artistic creations, bad moods and bloopers, and guess what? They still love me. I like art, cooking, birds, fishing, hiking, biking, travelling, life! Life is full of gadgets to fill in the lack of abilities, or just lack of confidence. I want to be a groundbreaker in bringing back the confidence in our human abilities, and a little bit of tool using too! The less you carry the farther you can go!

About Bella Bee

Mother, wife, nature lover, surfer, inventor, freelance graphic and web designer, a newbie to this gypsy lifestyle. For me, it was one of the scariest decisions of my life to make a couple weeks before our son was born, to leave behind the social norm, and seriously simplify our lives so we would have the time and energy to be parents. Becoming a new mom was already a big life change, but we also shut the doors to our manufacturing business (which was also where we lived), screwed the high prices of the residential rentals in our home town, sold most of our possessions, bought a van, and hit the road. Since then, it has been one adventure after another. I’m excited to share our stories, fears, and triumphs, hopefully to inspire other moms to follow their hearts and be your true self!

Briar Kitty

About Briar Kitty

Fearless feline, heart of kirin, precision hunter, travelling companion, and protector of Raven, silently warns us of any presence in the area, also tells us when we need to be patient (by mysteriously disappearing on one of his solo adventures) while the universe does it’s thing. We rescued Briar as a kitten from the SPCA back in 2008. People tell us he’s a special natural breed of Siberian or Norwegian Forest Cat, to us he’s just awesome. Over the years he has made many friends and inspired many to open their minds to the abilities and adaptabilities of a feline.

About Raven

Born traveller, life changer, adorable dumpling, and the most colorful addition to our tribe. By week two, already spaning 3000 miles across the country, he has forced us to adapt a whole new set of skills as parents. Also inspiring a fresh perspective on life, nature, and love.

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

Earl Nightingale